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The “Super-Pop” Maine Coon.

Maine Coon cats are one of the most adorable pets you can have, which also makes this breed one of the most popular in the world.

In this article, you'll learn everything you need to know about the Maine Coon cat breed, which will make you appreciate it even more.

Why Are Maine Coon Cats So Popular?

These cats are popular thanks to their adorable behavior. Also, they are big in size which many people love.

They show love, affection, and care toward their owners and make their owner's day. Their friendly nature and charming looks are other characteristics that make them very special.

Are Maine Coon Cats Aggressive?

These cats aren't aggressive at all. Cat owners agree that the Maine Coon cats are gentle. If your Maine Coon keeps showing signs of aggression, try to look for the reason.

Some underlying diseases can cause unusual behaviors in your cat.

Typically, Maine Coon cats are friendly, calm, and kind to everyone, especially to your family members. So it's fair to say that Maine Coon cats are extremely harmless unless they're suffering from an issue of their own.


Do Maine Coon Cats Get Along With Other Cats?

One of the biggest benefits that come with having the Maine Coon is its docile, friendly, and gentle nature. Its sociable personality and laid-back temperament also make it suited to live with other cats since this cat breed naturally enjoys the company of other cats and even dogs.

In fact, they're one of the friendliest cat breeds the individual can ever have.

Are Maine Coon Cats Safe For Babies?

Despite their big size, these cats are known as gentle giants because of their friendly and tender nature.

This family-friendly cat is especially suited to families with children and babies because its docile and calm temperament makes it extremely safe around them.


Do Maine Coon Cats Follow You Around?

These cats are oftentimes referred to as a dog of the cat world' because they love human company and follow their owners around. There are twelve reasons why your cat may follow you around.

These reasons include thirst, hunger, feeling sick, loneliness, attention, safety, curiosity, company, treats, sixth sense, learned behavior, and separation anxiety.

Although being followed around the home may sound irritating at first, you will get used to it in time and may even love it as many pet owners do.

However, be careful not to accidentally step on them. Although these cats are very intelligent, they still have the dangerous habit of resting in awkward places, for example, in the doorway, behind a chair, or where a warm water pipe runs.


Do Maine Coon Cats Get Along With Dogs?

As previously mentioned, a Maine Coon cat is known as a dog of a cat world' because of its dog-like personality traits that make it perfectly suited to get along with dogs.

Here are some of the reasons why this cat breed is referred to as dog-like.

  • Love of water
  • Adore human company
  • Very sociable
  • Talk to owners via trills and chirps
  • Follow their owners around the house
  • Large physical build
  • Very trainable
  • Can go for the walk on the leash

Usually, Maine Coon cats become accepting of dogs once the period of integration time is over.

This is because a Maine Coon isn't scared or phased by loud noises, such as the dog barking.

Additionally, because of the fact that they are gentle, sociable, and friendly, they prefer to get along with everyone instead of fighting with others.

Their non-aggressive personality is equally crucial when it comes to the integration process because they usually don't attack unknown dogs or cats that enter their territory.

They only attack when the other animal is a threat or begins to attack them. Besides these characteristics, a Maine Coon is also very playful that keeps playing like a little kitten until late in life.

All of these traits make it easier to introduce the Maine Coon to a dog, especially considering that it'll be much less phased by the little tumble and rough play from the dog or puppy.

They may even find it fun because it can be a good exercise for both of them.

But ultimately, an integration process between the dog and Maine Coon cat must be handled correctly by the owner.

This will ensure that a dog and cat adjust to each other's presence under the same roof.

There are some dog breeds that are especially good with Maine Coon cats. They are:


A pug loves attention and has a big personality. It can provide companionship to your cat when you aren't available. In other words, a pug is a perfect playmate for the Maine Coon.


A papillon is very playful and often cat-sized, which makes it easier for this dog to get along with a Maine Coon.

Basset Hound

This dog is tolerant of other animals and has a very friendly and laid-back temperament just like a Maine Coon.

Labrador Retriever

This adorable dog breed easily gets along with other animals. Its playful, caring, and friendly nature makes it perfectly suited to live with the Maine Coon cat.

Golden Retriever

This breed is characterized by its adaptable and outgoing nature. Its personality is also similar to the Maine Coon's personality.


This energetic dog is good with children as well as other animals. It's a vocal dog, but it shouldn't be an issue because a Maine Coon isn't typically phased by loud noises.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

This spaniel has a similar personality and size to the cat. It also loves other animals and is adaptable to change, which can help it become friends with your cat quickly.


Bulldog is loved for its kind temperament and easy-going personality. It gets along with other animals and can form a bond with your cat.


This dog is very friendly and enjoys companionship. It's possible that the beagle will consider the Maine Coon as a part of a dog pack.

Bottom Line

As you can see, the Maine Coon cat is a favorable pet to have in many ways. If you are thinking of having one, then you most likely won't regret your decision.

If you already have one, continue taking good care of it to keep it happy.


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