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Do Exotic Shorthair Cats Like to Be Held?

Exotic Shorthair cats are characteristically known to be very affectionate and loving animals. This has made them a popular choice for many families and households, who adore their sweet and playful personalities.

The Exotic Shorthair cats have exceptional temperaments, reaching out to touch and pat their owners' hands.

A lot of Exotic Shorthair breeders are thrilled at the mere fact that such unique breeds exist in this world that bring smiles so readily to their owner's faces. In this article, we will discuss do exotic shorthair cats like to be held.


They do love attention from their owners and will follow their owners around the house like puppies.

If you have an exotic shorthair cat, then the chances are that your cat will want to be held by you regularly. It's an instinct for them to want to hold onto you or something else whenever they feel scared or insecure.

And since most people don't let their cats roam freely around the house (for safety reasons), this can cause problems when holding your exotic shorthair cat. Here are reasons why exotic shorthairs like to be held


They're Afraid of Loud Noises

Exotic shorthair cats love to sit on your lap and relax, but they also like to be held. If you have an exotic shorthair cat that likes to be held, you may want to know why they do this before handling them too much.

It's possible that your cat is afraid of loud noises and would rather be with you than away from you during these scary times.

They Have No Claws

Another reason exotic shorthair cats like to be held is that they have no claws! Exotic shorthair cats have soft paws and even softer fur on their bodies which makes them feel very nice against your skin while you are holding them.

Since exotic shorthair cats don't have claws, they tend not to scratch as often as other breeds, making them even more appealing.

They're Afraid of Strangers Coming Over

If you have guests over and your exotic shorthair cat is hiding under the bed or in another room, then there's a good chance that he's not feeling well.

This could be because he's afraid of strangers coming over or sick with something like feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV), feline leukemia virus (FeLV), or something else. When this happens, let your guests know where your cat is, so they don't accidentally step on him while looking around for him.

They Think That Being Held Will Keep Them Safe From Harm's Way

Sometimes when an exotic shorthair cat doesn't want to be held, it could be because they're afraid that being held will put them at risk for injury or even death if they fall out of our arms


They Enjoy the Physical Contact With People

Physical contact with people is one of the essential things in a cat's life, next to getting food and water.

The act of being held shows that you love your cat enough to hold them in your arms and make them feel safe and secure.

It also gives them a chance to feel your warmth and get some much-needed affection from you!

Are Exotic Shorthair Cats Smart?

Exotic Shorthair Cats are intelligent, curious and playful. They can be trained to perform tricks and walk on leashes.

The breed is known for its intelligence, but it may take some time to train the Exotic Shorthair Cat. Exotic Shorthair Cats make excellent companions for those who want a cat that will stay by their side. They like to be around people and tend to follow their owners from room to room.

It's essential to watch these cats if you have young children because they tend to be very curious and may get into trouble if left unattended.

The Exotic Shorthair Cat is generally friendly toward strangers but may not be as social with other animals unless they're raised together from a young age.

As with any cat, you should always introduce them slowly, so they don't feel threatened by another feline's presence in your home.

Exotic Shorthair Cats are also very affectionate toward their owners and will often greet them at the door after work or school, just like a dog would do.

Do Exotic Shorthair Cats Get Along With Other Cats and Dogs?

The Exotic Shorthair is a relatively new breed created in the 1960s by crossing American Shorthairs with Siamese and Persian cats.

The result was a small, fluffy cat with large eyes, an elegant appearance and a sweet personality. Exotic Shorthairs are intelligent and affectionate cats that bond strongly with their owners. They are very social, enjoying the company of other people, dogs and other pets.

They are also known for being good hunters and can be trained to use a litter box easily.

Exotic Shorthairs do not have much of an outdoor hunting instinct, but this does not mean that they do not enjoy going outside on occasion.

 If given the opportunity, they will even venture out on their own and may become lost or stolen if this is not monitored carefully by their owners.

Exotic Shorthair cats tend to live long, healthy lives - up to 15 years or more - but like all cats, they can be prone to specific health problems such as diabetes mellitus (sugar diabetes), and hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid gland) and hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid gland) among others.

Can Exotic Shorthair Cats Bite?

It is not like cats to bite. A cat that bites is probably feeling extraordinarily stressed or frightened.

  • Cats can bite for several reasons:
  • The cat is in pain or has an injured mouth.
  • The cat is frightened and feels threatened by you or something else in the environment.
  • You hold the cat too tightly, or you have your hand on his head. Cats don't like this type of handling. They prefer to be stroked along their back, chest and belly.
  • Your cat may have been abused in the past and has learned that biting gets him what he wants from his human family members. This problem can be corrected with proper training techniques and consistency on your part.


Wrapping Up

Exotic Shorthair cats vary in their affectionate natures, but most people would agree that they do not enjoy the holding process to the same degree as some other cat breeds.

While some cats will hold still for a few seconds or even minutes while you admire them, many Exotics are likely to begin squirming around and trying to get free.

If you want to pet your cat, it's better to do it on his terms rather than your own, and that might mean providing an excellent window perch where he can interact with you on his terms.

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