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The Himalayan Cat. What a Cat!

Himalayan cats are the best. They have those glorious mitts, but they also make pretty dang good house cats.

They are extremely active and playful, with a unique personality that makes them an excellent companion animals.

But this breed is also known for something else: their temperament.

Due to their strong characters and individual body type, some people may wonder if it is good to hold them often or even at all.

In this article, we discuss an outlook on do Himalayan cats like to be beheld.

Why Do Himalayan Cats Like to Be Held?

Everyone loves a good hug, and it seems that cats are no different. They love it so much that they like to be held even more than dogs.

Cats are independent creatures, but they also desire to connect with their owners. They get this need for a connection from their wild ancestors who lived in colonies and had to work together for survival.

So why do Himalayan cats like to be held? Here are some reasons:

  • They Want to Feel Safe and Secure Around You. This is especially true if you've rescued your Himalayan cat from the streets or an abusive situation where he didn't have anyone looking out for him.
  • He will feel safe and secure when he's in your arms because he knows that you're there to protect him from anything that might harm him.
  • They Want to Show You Affection in Their Way. Cats aren't known for being overly affectionate like dogs are, but they still have their way of showing love towards their owners - by purring!
  • When they purr, they're happy with what's going on around them or with someone else present at that time (such as another cat). 


Do Himalayan Cats Love Their Owners?

There are many reasons why Himalayan cats love their owners. This can be observed from the way they behave towards you.

Himalayan cats are one of the most popular breeds of cats today. They are known for their beautiful coats and their sweet and gentle personalities.

These cats are very intelligent, and they learn new things quickly. They can adapt to any environment, which makes them an ideal pet for anyone looking for a cat that will make them laugh every day.

The Himalayan cats love spending time with their owners, whether playing or just laying around in bed with them, watching TV or reading books together.

Here are some of the reasons why do Himalayan cat love their owners.


Himalayan Cats Are Very Affectionate

The Himalayan cats are very affectionate with their owners, and they will always come running when they hear their name being called.

They don't mind getting dirty or wet so long as they spend more time with those who matter most to them - their owners! They will follow you everywhere you go and even jump into your lap whenever you sit down on the couch or chair.

The Himalayan cat loves being close to people, especially its owner, making them such great pets for those who need some companionship.


Himalayan Cats Are Very Playful and Active Throughout Their Lives and Enjoy Having Fun With Their Owners.

They love playing games like fetch or hide-and-seek with their owners and can keep up with them for hours! If you have children at home, you will find your Himalayan cat entertaining them for hours on end without getting bored!

However, if you don't have kids at home, don't worry because Himalayan cats will amuse themselves by playing with toys or chasing after objects that move in front of them.


Do Himalayan Cats Get Along With Other Cats?

Himalayan cats are very friendly, social animals that enjoy the company of people and other cats.

They are generally tolerant of other cats in the family, but this is not always the case. If you have more than one cat at home, it is important to introduce them properly as kittens.

If you don't follow this procedure carefully, your Himalayan may not be able to get along with other cats later in life. When introducing new cats to your household, the most important thing is that both animals are spayed or neutered.

This will prevent territorial fights over food and territory from developing between your pets. It also makes bonding easier since they don't have hormones driving their behaviour anymore.

Before adding a new Himalayan cat into your home, make sure all current cats have been spayed or neutered and are healthy, so they do not spread disease to each other or give birth to kittens while you're still trying to train them together.

When introducing two new kittens together, it's best to keep them separated for several weeks before bringing them together under supervision.

You want both cats used to being around people and food before they meet each other, so they don't fight over resources like toys or food bowls right away.

Are Himalayan Cats Calm?

Unlike many long-haired cat breeds, the Himalayans are known for being fairly calm and well-behaved. But that doesn't mean they won't need some training!

Like any cat, a Himalayan will benefit from obedience classes where you'll learn how to train him to come when called (or at least stop his bad behaviour). Your vet can recommend a trainer if needed.

Himalayans love people and like to be around their humans as much as possible. This makes them good companions for older children who can play with them safely - but not so good for small children because they may accidentally hurt them by scratching or jumping on them.

It's best to keep your Himalayan off the furniture, so he won. Himalayan cats are very sweet and lovable, but they can also be aggressive.

The Himalayan cat is not an aggressive breed by nature; however, they tend to bite because of their playful nature. Here are some reasons why Himalayan cats bite, including:



Biting can be a sign of playfulness in your Himalayan cat.

They love to play with their owners, whether with their hands or with toys. If you're playing with your Himalayan cat, he'll bite as part of the game.

You need to know that this type of biting isn't done out of aggression or anger; it's just part of his personality.



If your Himalayan cat is sensitive about something or if he feels threatened in any way, he may resort to biting when someone tries to touch him or pick him up.

He may also bite if another animal is present in the room that he wants out from underfoot.


Territorial Dominance

If your Himalayan is trying to mark his territory and show dominance over something or someone (like another animal), he'll likely resort to biting to get his point across. 


Wrapping Up

It turns out that Himalayan Cats do like to be held. Himalayan cats are one of the most sought-after breeds globally, and they are quite healthy.

Their unique colors and patterns add to their appeal, creating a cute and interesting pet that you'll love having around the house.

The Himalayan requires a lot of attention and grooming but is the overall worth it because these cats are smart and can be easily trained.

Ask your breeder if you can test out your holding technique before bringing your Himalayan home with you.



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