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Are Abyssinian cats Friendly?

If you are looking for a friendly, docile, intelligent cat, you will certainly find all this in an Abyssinian cat.

Abyssinian cats are very friendly animals and live very well with people, other cats, and even other dogs. These cats can play for hours and hours in between naps, with other animals, with their owners or other people, or even alone entertained with their toys.

One main difference between the Abyssinian cats and other breeds is the fact that they tend to depend a lot on the human being around them, especially their owners. This personality characteristic is very special to the Abyssinian cat. Other breeds tend to be more independent or somehow tolerant or used to people.

So, if you look for a special cat to “look forward to see you again” after work, you must get an Abyssinian.


What is the personality of the Abyssinian cat?

As you could see here, Abyssinian cats are extremely friendly and their interaction with people and other animals is fantastic.

These cats can spend their time alone, while you are out or working, but always willing to see you again soon. They are very playful and dependent on your company. Abyssinian cats are known to be overly attached to human interactions, especially with their family, their owners.

This could be a problem, if you as a cat owner, tend to spend a great deal of time out of the house, where you can not take your Abyssinian cat with you. Long periods of time with no contact or interactions can lead these beautiful cats to depression, based on the word out there (no firm studies about).  

Separation anxiety is a a possibility and we need to avoid.

So, be wise, be responsible. If you plan to acquire an Abyssinian cat but know for sure you won’t be able to spend the amount of quality time that these little animals demand, then the Abyssinian cat is not a good choice.

Nobody wants them to suffer with depression, illnesses or even aggressiveness due to lack of activity, play time, interaction with humans or other animals.

They are fun, athletic, smart, curious little creatures. Let’s keep them like that.


Do Abyssinian cats like dogs?

By nature, the Abyssinian breed is very curious and active. These cats to not refuse playing around with humans, or other animals. Dogs are certainly included.

Abyssinian cats are extremely intelligent, and they know how to be part of a family and embrace the family as their own. And if the family has a dog, then the dog is part of the family and well accepted and understood by the Abyssinian cat.

These cats will not only tolerate other dogs in the house, but they will push their limits, in a good way, to play with them anytime.

This is natural in the Abyssinian cat. Their curious nature and readiness to play makes them want to include everyone and everything (from toys, to people, to dogs) in their games.

We hope our dog has enough patience to handle the energy of Abyssinian cats. They will push your dog to the limit for a play time, that’s for sure.

By the way, Abyssinian cats not only tolerate dogs. They actively enjoy their lives with a dog companion, and also share similar characteristics of a dog. They are loyal to their owners, they learn tricks for treats, they walk very well on a leash, they can learn how to run obstacles, play fetch, etc. You would be surprised.


Are Abyssinian cats good with children?

 Abyssinian cats enjoy people in general, especially the member of the family. But when it comes to children, older kids instead of babies and toddlers, fit their desires a lot better.

The extremely active nature of the Abyssinian cat is the explanation to that. These cats tend to interact with the human beings they are attached to, but if it is a kid who is way to young to keep up with so much energy, they will certainly loose interest.

So, as long as the child is able to interact, play with, fetch, jump together, use toys with, your Abyssinian will be in heaven.


Are Abyssinian cats lap cats?

Despite enjoying the company of humans, and the extreme loyalty and attachment, Abyssinian cats are not really lap cats, like others that would spend a long time napping like that.

High energy, willingness to play, curiosity are trademarks that define Abyssinian cats. They will certainly surprise you by learning a new trick fast, or even playing around bringing a new trick to the table on their own.

They will manipulate you into situations where you must pay attention to them. Either playing with a toy when you least expect or jumping on your shoulder out of the blue.

They are happier when in action as opposed to taking a nap on your lap. Most likely, this is not going to happen that often.


Are Abyssinian cats easy to train?

Abyssinian cats are trainable animals due to their curious and smart nature. They want to try, they want to test and taste anything in their reach.

Like you would do training a dog, you can use toys and clickers to train your Abyssinian cat. They will love it, especially if the reward is a juicy and delicious treat.

You can use some of those toys that release treats when they solve puzzles or drills. They will not only enjoy the prize but will stay active and healthy which is a great thing for this breed.

Some people are even saying that Abyssinian cats are smart enough to even try drills in an agility course, just like dogs would do. It requires training, patience, love and rewards obviously. These cats are smart enough for that, that’s for sure.

Abyssinian cats are so smart that they will not only learn new tricks you teach them, but they will also train you to obtain what they want. It could be a treat, or simply attention, they will certainly throw their tricks on you to get what they want.

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