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The best way to keep your cat healthy without being worried if your kitten is drinking enough water or not.

Running water clicks your cat's natural instinct, and will keep their interest in drinking water always high. Cats drink a lot more if you have a running water source, than from a bowl.

You have 2 options here: A Metal Water Fountain (easier to clean) and a Plastic Water Fountain. Both are amazing!

ATTENTION: LIMITED TIME ONLY . Not sold in stores!

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Clean Water
The unique replaceable design filter with charcoal filter help remove which absorbs odors and bad taste.
Design Pump
Customized suction cup to diminish the noise.
High Quality
Made of polished antibacterial PP plastic and Stainless Steel lid.
approx 80oz Capacity
No need to replenish water frequently.
Equipped with LED, which you can see the water level. When working, the LED is blue. Safe, hygienic, convenient top-shelf dishwasher safe.

Net Weight: 697g/24.6oz

Plastic with 1Filter/Metal with 1Filter Package:
1 x Pet Water Fountain
1 x Charcoal Filter
1x USB cable
1 x English User Manual
1 x Package box

Filter gasket 4 pcs Package: 4xCharcoal Filter

Filter gasket 8 pcs Package: 8xCharcoal Filter

Filter gasket 12 pcs Package: 12xCharcoal Filter


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