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Cat Bridge / Climbing Frame...

Cat loves climbing. From furniture to doors, countertops, everything they think they are capable of. It is their nature. A happy cat is a cat free to explore their surroundings and put their instincts in action.

This beautiful and entertaining cat bridge is irresistible. They will certainly climb it and you can, when introducing it to your cat, use food as an incentive. But, we don't think you will need. They will certainly explore it by themselves and possibly establish it as their territory.

Size is 8.27*3.15*31.50inch (give or take. Please allow some tolerance, as usual) which is a  great space cats of various sizes.  You can even use this cat bridge with other cat wall frames to create a cat playground.

Very easy to install. Just needs to attach it to the wall with screws. You can play around and determine how high it will be installed, and how you want the bridges to look like, if flat, or imposing a bit of a challenge to your cat, for some fun and fitness.


Plus, it is a beautiful piece, which will complement your home decor. You can keep this product as it, or, be creative and paint the whole thing with your favorite colors.

Material: Wood
Size: 8.27*3.15*31.50inch
Weight: about 800g

ATTENTION: LIMITED TIME ONLY . Not sold in stores!
FREE SHIPPING! Note: Due to very high demand, please allow 1 to 3 weeks for delivery.
(Most of our orders are are delivered up to 2 weeks)

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